how to make thousands of backlinks automatically

how to get thousands of backlinks automatically, wanting to know how to reach thousands of free backlinks instantly immediately pay any way. Thousands of backlinks from the University of New York MAK you and me. Backlink is, in principle, method, or a link backlinks two-way exchange, but this method is very effective in reducing and the company immediately. These links to nofollow or depending on whether your blog or website makes it nofollownya dofollow backlink google or no.Panda with the latest Google algorithm also requires a backlink from a website or blog nofollow. This is very important, so that all backlinks dofollow blogs are important in the eyes of Google. With the retreat of dofollowBacklinks nofollow blogs and then, of course, in the eyes of Google. This is because many of the thousands of blogs link farm links or new service provider. If all backlinks dofollow blogs so, then all the backlinks that despite the hundreds of thousands of people whose value is zero for Google, since it is not natural and SERP position drastisch.Denken mind, even when a Free domain with Co.cc, Co.nr purposes; .. Co.tv and others who were in deindeks Google alias no longer exists. What makes millions of businesses worldwide intenet folding both for beginners. Includes a free website me and out of traffic on the Internet verschwunden.Um of backlinks is not done as spam by Google, then you have an original product with a minimum word count of 1,000 words, the higher the better artikenya . So a word articles dealing 2000-3000, the number of backlinks you are getting the original article aussehen.Wie with thousands of words to create is very simple. I can only diinternet important article that said the number of thousands, you can see several items in a single article. The article content is not important, do not mind, you want to delete or not is not clearly understood or not verstanden.Aber not copy and paste, then translate the article into three native languages. Example: 
1 The original article in the Sprache.
2 Indonesia. Use Google to translate the article in English. Install the Google toolbar in your browser, let me just. English Copy and paste this article in Merkliste
3. After the English into German. Copy and paste this article in German Merkzettel.
4. In the German language in Spanish. Copy and paste the Spanish language is also an article in the Editor.
5. Then, from Spanish to French. Copy and paste the article in the French Editor.
6. So now you have a fairly long article (2000 words or more) and articles of original content and grammar items unorganisiert.Hinweis: You must copy and paste this article into Notepad for all links that you might entfernen.7. Last copy in notepad, add this product in a Post - New hinzufügen.8. Each year the title of his article because it has no effect hatte.9. After this original article, then this is the most important is that it contains your target keywords and then a link to the URL that wollen.10. Each article should not exceed 50 links, a link to the werden.11. Examples of these items is exactly what you read this. We will work together to create backlinks.Back 
1.First collection of links (links with http://semuabacklink.blogspot.com) 
2.Segundo Medications for Diabetes - (with links http://obatuntukdiabetes.com)Great business opportunity 
3.Tercera - (with links http://www.sumberduitku.com)Muslim Clothing 
4.Cuarto (with links http://agenbajumuslim.com)
5.Quinto food companies (with links http://www.pabrikmakanan.com)Advertising 
6.Sexto Bandung (with links http://iklangratispr.com)Capital 
7.Séptimo Small Business Opportunity (with links http://usahamodalkecilku.com)
8.Octavo franchise offers (with links http://waralaba-murah.com)Click 
9.Noveno electricity opportunities (with links http://www.sumberku.com)That 
10th keywords - your URL. 
11 He that keywords - your URL. 
12 The key words - your URL.
13 He that keywords - your URL.That 14th keywords - your URL.That 15th keywords - your URL.16a and so on up to 50 words - can type your URL Adresse.Sie only the keyword that you prefer or without the keyword is also not a word to the observation and its URL to your bakclink. So he immediately added that link with the number 10 and so on, up to 50 backlinks. After tercapiai 50 links / backlinks, then I am a new article and do the same. So if it is 100 items, then you get 5000 free back links (nofollow and dofollow). You should also do the same with me is 100 items to the list of free backlinks machen.So wait, enter your URL in the comment column to put my bakclinkListe free. I am waiting, quickly reached 50 without further kann.Nachdem backlinks, then I will not be taken to a link to stop the farm should also be considered werden.Sie to copy and paste the above list and place it in its You can Artikel.So backlink backlink and I can too. The same can nofollow or dofollowBacklink. For participants who do not is werden.Ich the list of free backlinks Eliminates am waiting for your participation. Peace. With our joint progress schneller.Vergessen do not, you need an article to create accurate lists backlinks as I do. Only the contents of the article should be different. Once again, the contents of the article should be different. Backlinknya list must be the same .*****